Al-Hamdulillah, IONA established its center in 2007 to serve the cause of Allah (SWT) and the community, and by His grace, we have outgrown ourselves. Ma sha Allah, we accommodate nearly 1,000 congregants in the two Friday congregations. The many activities of IONA have also increased. Lectures, seminars, interfaith events, and dawah activities are among the programs IONA organizes. This translates to, of course, an increase in expenditures. IONA is appealing to the community to raise funds in order to meet the demands of the masjid and the center. We try to keep our budget to a bare minimum. This year, IONA’s projected lunar year (Ramadan to Ramadan) budget is roughly 150k. The budget includes utilities, maintenance, salaries, dawah, and insurance. The projected income from Friday collections and other contributions is $***. Therefore, the total deficit is $***. We are counting on Allah (SWT) first to make it easy on us, and on you, second, to help us meet the demands of the community.
IONA’s budget fundraising will be on Saturday, July 4, we will, in sha Allah. Your contributions and donations are greatly appreciated. Whatever you donate will be fee sabilillah. Ramadan is the month of charity. The prophet (SAW) was a very charitable person, and he would increase his charity during Ramadan because of the enormous blessings one may receive from the Provider, Allah (SWT) almighty. Please support your Islamic Center.

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