tarawihIONA is blessed to have Hafiz Yusuf Ahmed and Hafiz Mohammad Saeed Samad to lead the community in Tarawih prayers this year.Tarawih prayers will start shortly after salat-ul-Isha. The Isha salah (Iqamah) timings can be found in the Ramadan prayer schedule.

Click here for Ramadan prayer schedule.

We will be praying 20 rak’ahs, followed by the congregational salatul-witr. We ask parents to kindly instruct their children to remain quiet during salah so that worshippers are able to better concentrate on their 'Ibadah. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to blessed nights together with Allah's Book.

Khatm-ul-Quran will be on Friday, May 31 (27th Night of Ramadan), in sha Allah.